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Why Choose Silicone for Tattoo Practice Skin?

Silicone tattoo skins are a common and useful tool to improve tattoo skills for those newcomers and experienced tattooists. Silicone tattoo practice skin can create many benefits for you.

(1) Great quality material. Our tattoo practice skin is made of food-grade silicone, it is soft,stretchable,durable and non-toxic.

(2) Durable-side use. Both side of each tattoo skin are blabk, which is enough practice different techniques.

(3) Easy to use& skin-like touch feeling. The tattoo practice skin is flexible and has a similar touch feeling to human skin. It is really easy to use, just as easy to solor as you do on real skin.

The quality of silicone tattoo practice skins now in the market is uneven.

We manufactuer silicone products list below,and we also provide rapid model prototyping.Tell us what kind of products you want to get.

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Address: Room 103-107, No. 93-1, Tian’an Road, Jimei District, Xiamen

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