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Bear a Good Idea in Mind? Let's Make It into Reality!

Newtop Rubber warmly welcome every customer to share us with their good idea and let's work together to make it into reality! From ideas to products, once clients tell us their idea, or send any images for reference, our capable design team and engineers have all the expertise and capabilities to design a 3D mold to show you how good your idea is! And with a silicone production line, we can make your project a success.

For business, we help turn your great idea into a hot sell to greatly enhance your competitiveness in the international market.

● To sign an NDA if needed. 

● Free 3D artwork design

● 3D printing sample for confirmation

● Flexible material selection

Newtop Rubber-- One-Stop Services 

Mold Finishing

Newtop Rubber has the ability to set up a 3D mold for production and also we open molds with our technician.

Mold deign-Programming-Mold cutting-EDM-NC processing-Surface treatment, we finish each step with strict standards to ensure the mold finish perfectly and that the product meets expectations.

Also, we can directly make adjustments when clients require us to do.

Prototype Services

Newtop Rubber uses industrial 3D printers to produce your prototypes and end-use parts with the highest attention to quality by our technical operators. So you can confirm if it's the right product you are looking for before opening molds for mass production.

●Production Capability

Newtop Rubber has more than 6 production lines and more than 50 operators. We have flexible working times and can guarantee to ship on time once the order is placed.

●Quality Control

Newtop Rubber has set up an inspection system, from raw material purchase to molding to production defeat inspection, we have an inspector to control, and we control the defeat rate to be under 0.1%.

Advantages of Customized Service

● Different shape, color and size. According to customer’s idea, we can design the products with various acquirements.


●Strict quality control. The quality control person inspects all products in accordance with the specifications.


●Fast Delivery. After design and manufacture, we will send out customers’ products as quick as possible.


●Superior before-sale and after-sale service. We will provide customers with our high-quality service.

Questions, Comments? You tell. We listen.

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Phone number: +86 17750666291

Address: Room 103-107, No. 93-1, Tian’an Road, Jimei District, Xiamen

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