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Newtop Rubber Prototyping Solutions

Newtop Rubber uses 3D printing technology to provide customers with prototypes. The 3D printing technology can complete the prototype within a few hours and can be modified immediately based on the test results.

3D printing technology has many advantages such as short production cycle, convenient raw materials, uniform product pressure, and can provide efficient and low-cost support for mold design and manufacturing.

After receiving the customer's customization request, Newtop Rubber will design product 3D drawings according to  customer's requirements, and send the designed artworks to the customer for confirmation.

And we can use 3D printing technology to print out product prototypes and send them to customers for product specification and size confirmation according to customer needs.

By providing prototypes, customers can have a more intuitive feeling of the products they need, and can propose improvements based on the prototypes, making the products more practical.