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NEWTOP Rubber OEM Service

When it comes to seeking OEM services for silicone products, you've found your trusted partner. We understand your concerns about customization, quality control, and protecting your intellectual property. With our exceptional manufacturing capabilities and extensive industry experience, we're here to bring to life silicone products that perfectly match your brand and specifications.


In this highly competitive market, merely following trends isn't enough for success. That's why we provide more than just silicone product manufacturing services; we're your innovative partner committed to helping you surpass competitors and meet unique market demands, whether it's in raw material sourcing, manufacturing, or quality control.


Let's turn your silicone product vision into reality. Get started today!

Custom Prinitng LOGO/ARTWORK

Newtop Rubber highly welcome clients to custom their logo or new artworks on our products.

We have many techniques to meet up with clients requirements!

SILICONE PRODUCTS SILKSCREEN PRINTING.  Generally speaking, screen printing ink will be thicker, brighter, printed patterns have a strong sense of space. 

SILICONE PRODUCTS PAD PRINTING. It was printed by machine on metal plates.  The silicone pad is pressed against the ink to pick up the image.  The silicone pad is then pressed against the substrate to transfer the image to the silicone product. 

SILICONE HEAT TRANSFER PRINTING. Your custom logo is printed on a transfer label or film, and then the ink is thermal transferred from the label to the silicone product using a thermal press. 

 SILICONE WATER TRANSFER PRINTING. The printed water-soluble membrane is applied to the water surface.  The silicone product is immersed in water, and the upward pressure of the water causes the ink to wrap and adhere to the item.  

Custom Color/Packaging/Size

Newtop Rubber have the ability to support clients to custom the color/packaging/products size etc..

Custom Color

Newtop Rubber use Pantone color for production, and we support clients to send us Pantone color code to custom certain color on products. And Newtop Rubber is able to do mixed color on a single product, for example to make it like Marble by mixing two or three colors.

Custom Packaging

Newtop Rubber is able to support clients to custom packaing whether to print logo on packing or design a different way of packaging even clients are supported to choose use different materials for packaging.

Custom Size/Shape

Newtop Rubber is open to disscuss about production. We will give our suggestions for clients to design and product a product that most cost effective.

Questions, Comments? You tell. We listen.

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Address: Room 103-107, No. 93-1, Tian’an Road, Jimei District, Xiamen, China

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